The framework consists of four layers:

  1. Data Management Tools
  2. Product Tools
  3. Operational tools
  4. Communication Tools

In the center of the framework we have the Data Management tools, this is the heart and soul of an online operation. It should collect and provide all the information you need. Setting up the right data structure from the start will allow you to rely on a scalable and flexible service in the long run.

The next layer is displaying a variety of important product related tools. Product here does not refer to the game only but also your platform and other proprietary software. Product tools provide the ability to use the information gained from the data layer and tie the data to the communication layer. They also include the interfaces with a user such as a game client or website.

Operation tools tie all layers together and enable your service to run. Operational tools are the key to your processes, stability and continuity of your service. While one part of the operational toolset allows for internal processes to run and operate, the other part monitors and executes on the live environment.

The Communication tools are auxiliary to the product and enhance the effectiveness and quality of such. Communication tools collect and feed into your data layer to then evaluate and pull data to display the user specific content of your products. Communication tools are also used to grow, maintain, and convert your user base.

Game Publishing Tech Compass

Each layer has a variety of components that show the most important tools from our experience for a service. To what extend the tool is added to the service; if the tool should be bought or is proprietary – depends on your goals and available resources. While a startup prefers to use more 3rd party tools to satisfy basic needs, a proprietary solution might be better in the long run for an already established online service to fit all needs.

Also many of the displayed tools might represent a group of tools that altogether cover a certain feature set needed.


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